MAT281/271/25X Emission Regulator

We have developed a completely new emission regulator for gas isotope mass spectrometers floating in 10kV max. It is initially set up by simple commands sent via a RS-232- or CAN-Bus interface.

All desired voltages and currents are stored and the the unit recovers the preset values after power-on. The filament current is slowly ramped up to maximize the filament lifetime.

Following parameters can be set indepedantly in 65536 steps
  • filament current (0-8A)
  • filament current limit (0-8A)
  • emission current (0-2000uA)
  • electron collector voltage (0-200V)
  • electron energy (0-200V)
  • pusher voltage (+/-200V)
  • electron lens (+/-200V)